Divine Blossom 2

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Introducing "Essence of Eve": Celebration of Femininity! 

Add a touch of charm and warmth to your space with our Divine Bloom Tapestry. They are beyond stylish; but also a playful celebration of the beauty and energy of femininity.


  • Size: 16 by 25 inches, fitting seamlessly into your preferred space.
  • Design: A vibrant and playful blend of colors and patterns capturing the essence of womanhood.
  • Material: Crafted with quality and care for longevity.

Expression: This piece is a blend of artistry and craft, aiming to provoke thought and evoke the diverse world of femininity, with every detail telling its unique story.

Placement & Gifting: Ideal for any room and makes a thoughtful, unique gift, suitable for any occasion.

Welcome a splash of color and a wave of positive, feminine vibes with our Essence of Eve tapestries!