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Welcome to the world of Dope Crochet, where traditional fiber art meets modern flair. Each of our creations, from the dainty intricacy of our earrings to the bold embrace of our wall art, is handcrafted with unmatched passion and a contemporary twist. Our distinct freestyle approach combined with rich, unexpected textures sets the stage for a fresh interpretation of crochet. In a realm where every stitch tells a story, Dope Crochet isn't just a brand – it's a vibrant expression of self.


We specialize in handmade crochet accessories and home decor with a modern and creative twist! Our pieces are made with love and attention to detail, ensuring that each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. From earrings to throw blankets, we have something for every style and taste. We pride ourselves on creating inherently dope designs using freestyle crochet and unique textures.


Take a look around and let us know if you find something you like. We're always happy to do custom orders – just send us a message for details. Thank you for choosing handmade and supporting small businesses. We can't wait to share our creations with you.

The Artist

I'm Ericka, the artist and owner of Dope Crochet. My business began with a desire to create one of a kind accessories for myself. I had just cut off all my hair (the big chop) and wanted to rock earrings that made me feel beautiful, feminine, and dope!


I love creating pieces that no one else has seen before. Really, who doesn't want to stand out in a crowd?


Crochet is my therapy. I have the most fun freestyling with unique materials to create something awesome and unexpected. Very much like the course of my life.


Dope Crochet designs are contemporary and unlike anything else in the world of fiber accessories. All creations are my original designs and are handmade with quality and love right here in Austin, TX.